Who’s watching your network – Part 1 Managed IT

While you’re enjoying summer break, who’s watching your network? Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you’re free from security breaches, system errors, and more. Read our six-part series to learn how you can ensure your data is safe while you take time off from your business. managed IT

If an emergency occurs with your system, who is looking after it? The web is a 24/7/365 structure, and you need eyes on your network at all times. A managed IT contract can ensure you have a team of dedicated tech experts serving your network around the clock. This summer, take the opportunity to actually enjoy a vacation and take a much-needed break from the business and outsource your IT management. Your system will be monitored with a proactive approach to errors, as well as go into defense mode should an attack occur.

Managed IT is a smart solution whether or not you have your own IT team. These services can remotely manage your entire system which is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses that aren’t ready to hire their own IT employees. Skilled technicians can also work side by side with your staff to provide support and expert advice should errors occur.

The last thing you want is to receive emergency phone calls from your business while you’re on vacation. Whether you’re off the grid or just trying to enjoy quality time with your family, it can be hard to solve system errors when you’re away. Not to mention it can be stressful for you and your employees at the office as precious minutes of downtime slip by, costing your business money and productivity.

Managed IT contracts provide 24/7 network monitoring with a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure. This constant monitoring can help eliminate small problems before they becoming debilitating to your system. Remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices ensures that nothing ever slips under the radar. Managed IT identifies and fixes problems before they create downtime.

 Whether it’s a software update, harmful virus, hacker, or spyware, your system can’t afford to wait until your IT team gets back. If a problem gets out of hand, your website or primary applications could go down, causing you to lose business. With managed IT services, you get peace of mind at all times should an attack occur. This is perfect for the busy summer season, when you and your employees are hoping to enjoy family vacations and unplug for a while.

Unfortunately, businesses of all sizes are increasingly at risk of a cyber-attack. Managed IT providers also offer security services by partnering with trusted vendors to provide cybersecurity solutions that keep your business protected. They install components such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and anti-virus software to reduce risk. Should an attack occur, constant monitoring means threats are proactively detected in real time and automatically mitigated.

With managed IT, you can spend more time building your business, not learning how to take care of your IT infrastructure. A team of experts takes care of your system and suppliers, including giving strategic advice on how technology can help support your goals. Whether your expertise is in something other than tech, or you want someone else to take the reins sometimes, managed IT is a smart business decision.

Consider managed IT this season, so you can enjoy peace of mind while you and your team spend days by the beach, pool, or exploring a new city. Proactive monitoring keeps your system updated and running smoothly, and the team is ready to snap into action should an error occur. With a team of IT experts on your side, you can trust your network is safe and your business is growing. When we work together, we can achieve more for your business.

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