Bill Naught

We chose LammTech based on what we heard through another business owner. Now almost 12 years later, we have never regretted that decision. LammTech has guided us and shown us how to easily manage our IT needs so we can get back to our business goals of making more sales and growing our insurance agency. Before we started working with LammTech, our IT environment was a mishmash of different systems that did not work well together. Once we started working with LammTech, we met and designed a long term plan to move to a system we could easily manage and monitor. This was key to our growth plans, allowing our staff to make more sales instead of managing our systems. LammTech is easy to work with through all of our daily issues and to bounce ideas for future solutions to our ever growing business needs. Recently, LammTech expanded out SAN storage capacity for our business growth that we are projecting over the next 3 to 5 years. It was an easy install with virtually no downtime. Next, we are installing a server for a virtual environment to help with our power and cooling issues. This is one install I am looking forward to as the summer approaches. Over the years, LammTech has helped us save money, worry, and time. The complexity of the ever changing IT world can be daunting at times. With so many options and directions one can go with IT, the guys at LammTech have helped us steer through the choppy waters of IT. My best example of a long term cost savings is that we have not had to increase our internet bandwidth in over 6 years due to the security policies put into place all those years ago. Having that feeling of ease knowing that they always there on the other end is priceless. I was on a family trip in Florida and on a Saturday morning one of our rack was offline. I received phone calls from our staff working that morning trying to catch up. I was delighted to hear about 20 minutes later after I made a phone call to LammTech that it was back up and running.

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