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Beyond Business Continuity: How Backup and Disaster Recovery Benefits Your Business

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are invaluable solutions for businesses who need to be able to respond to disruptions within minutes or hours of an outage or disaster taking place. They work by taking a carbon-copy backup of servers and storing them in two locations — on-site and in-the-cloud. Backup and disaster recovery enables a multitude of recovery options, so businesses are able to get back up and running as soon as possible.

But beyond giving business owners a solution to outages and disasters, backup and disaster recovery services provide many more benefits to organizations. This blog post explains how a backup and disaster recovery solution can help organizations avoid the high costs of downtime, comply with important regulations, and boost the bottom line.

Backup and disaster recovery saves businesses from downtime.

Many business owners don’t realize how costly downtime is for their organizations, likely because it is essentially an opportunity cost rather than something businesses pay for directly. That said, downtime is extremely expensive. The cost of implementing a business continuity solution is far less than the annual cost of downtime for the average SMB, which CA Technologies recently estimated to be $55,000. Here is how backup and disaster recovery helps save businesses from the costs of downtime:

Maintain employee productivity and the ability to generate revenue.

Simply put, when organizations cannot conduct business as usual, they lose money. Backup and disaster recovery lets businesses remain productive by ensuring they can serve their customers and generate revenue, even after a major disruption or disaster.

Preserve your reputation:

Businesses that experience severe outages and downtime may make customers angry and experience a loss in reputation. For example, a dentist’s office that cannot operate as normal due to downtime could end up with upset patients. A backup and disaster recovery solution helps keep downtime to a minimum, which benefits businesses by ensuring customers remain happy.

Meet obligations with clients:

Downtime could lead to the inability for businesses to meet certain contractual agreements or deadlines. For instance, if a CPA firm experiences downtime around tax time and cannot get up and running within a short period of time, a client could sue the firm for failing to render services by the tax submission deadline. Backup and disaster recovery lets businesses meet critical deadlines, even if disaster strikes.

Prevent losing business to competitors:

The costs of acquiring new customers are astronomically high compared to the cost of merely retaining existing customers, so it is important that organizations do everything they can to reduce customer churn by eliminating the damaging effects of prolonged downtime. Backup and disaster recovery ensures businesses do not lose business to a competitor if downtime occurs.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations:

Three important laws governing the protection of digital data — HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA — require businesses to closely safeguard and retain sensitive digital information, a requirement that backup and disaster recovery is designed for. Backup and disaster recovery ensures organizations do not have to worry about compliance violations and legal issues related to data preservation, so businesses can focus on generating revenue and making clients happy.


Organizations that need to recover their data quickly need a backup and disaster recovery solution. Yet the benefits of backup and disaster recovery extend far beyond rapid data recovery. Companies that adopt this kind of solution are able to withstand disasters and eliminate the negative effects of downtime.

Our business continuity service is a simple and comprehensive solution to protect your business and data. Ensuring uptime is just one aspect of a business continuity solution; we are confident that our solution will enhance your business’s financial health and overall well-being. Learn more about our business continuity solution at

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