the lammtech

Since 1999

Robert Lamm founded LammTech in 1999 in his hometown Sedalia, MO. It was his vision to build a business that created professional careers and had people embracing those careers while supporting loyal and happy clients. Today, our team is made up of the best, most talented professionals with the right strengths to help our company lead the industry now and into the future. Our clients are some of the most progressive, growing, and impactful businesses and organizations in the region. We believe our growth over the years can be attributed to the personal interest that we take in each of our client’s success and our commitment to always doing the right thing. Looking forward, we will continue to grow our company so each member of our staff has the opportunity for a promising, long-term career. Equally important, we will continue to support our community. We will expand our geographic area of service, yet remain the hometown, locally-owned Information Technology company headquartered in Sedalia, MO. And, we will continue to pursue new technologies to maintain the best and most relevant information technology options for our clients.

our values


We build trust by listening, following through, and keeping our word


We value what’s best for our clients in everything we do


We are dedicated to every client’s success


We conduct business with integrity and always do the right thing at any cost



To treat our clients with respect. To be honest. To be fair. To be a great place to work. To be known as one of the best companies in the Midwest to do business with and to work for.

Our Vision Statement

To continue to grow our company so that the staff has promising, long-term careers while preserving personal relationships based on trust and mutual success with our clients.